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TMJ (TMD) Therapy in St. Catharines

Help for the Painful Symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction

Many suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain or temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD). Symptoms include:

- Pain upon opening your mouth Inability to open wide or move from side to side comfortably

- Neck & shoulder pain

- Ear pain & hearing loss

- Ringing in the ears

- Clenching or night grinding

- Chronic fatigue Noise, grating or popping in joint

- Chronic temporal or occipital headache


Multi-Faceted Approach to Treatment


Treatment of these problems can be complicated. The cause can often be multifactorial. Meaningful treatment begins with proper diagnosis. Garden City Dental professionals will do a thorough evaluation of your problem to determine how we can help with the appropriate therapy.


Successful treatment may involve other professional services:


- Physiotherapy

- Chiropractic

- Massage therapy

- Cranio-mandibular treatments

- Medical treatment by physicians


Contact us today to schedule an appointment for TMJ therapy 

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